BeeSocials is a platform to enable people in London to meet new people, get to know their neighbours and welcome people who are new to the city with open arms. BeeSocials serves to provide a new and unique channel for people to socialise with like-minded individuals in the comfort of a cosy home, enjoying good food, drink and good conversation. Our aim is to create a community where users can engage in their favourite social activities, network and meet new people, all in a safe and friendly environment. BeeSocials is the place to socialise with your future friends.


How did it start?

I moved to London 4 years ago to start my career as an IT consultant, working in the city. I didn’t know many people at the time, but gradually made more friends and began to explore the city, particularly the nightlife. After some time, I got a bit tired of the scene, the same bars and clubs, with expensive entrance fees and overpriced drinks. I went to a few house parties, and threw a few of my own and really enjoyed it. I had a pretty nice flat with a large outdoor terrace area, so I hosted BBQs and birthday parties for friends too. These events brought together my various different friends circles, and introduced me to friends of friends, widening my social circle in the process and providing a great networking opportunity. I took great pride in bring people together, and then it struck me; why is there no such platform to empower people to do the same? So began my slow but sure attempt to create an online platform for BeeSocials


More than house parties

Right from the initial birth of the idea in my head, I knew I wanted BeeSocials to be more than just a mere website for house parties. I envisioned BeeSocials to cater towards any social event that a host can dream of; so you can let your creativity run wild. If your event doesn’t fit into any category or you feel restricted in any way by the event listing, drop us a message via the contact us page and we’ll make sure we get working on the improvement right away. I wanted BeeSocials to provide a safe environment, where everyone can relax and enjoy a few drinks, dinner, a game of poker or a classic movie with their future friends.

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