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BeeSocials: The party next door

Share your passion. Meet new people. Make money.

Hold social events at home and safely enjoy them with other local people. Hosts make money, guests save money. Everyone makes new friends. Our platform takes care of all the hassle, including: Event Listing, advertising, ticketing, payment processing and security.

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Introducing BeeSocials…

Connect locally.

BeeSocials is an online platform connecting you to social events happening in HOMES around you. Think of it as the ‘AirBnB’ of events. We provide an end-to-end solution for anyone wishing to host and manage any type of social event, anywhere in the world. The world’s first platform of it’s kind to enable anyone to earn a living working from home, hosting events to share their passion and make money while meeting new people and making new friends.

How it Works


Guests will be able to quickly and easily, find and book events they like within 60 seconds! Our unique intelligent algorithm will provide recommendations on events they may enjoy. If they prefer however, they can easily search based on geolocation, interests or particular hosts.


We understand hosts will want to feel comfortable with who they invite in, so we give total control to the hosts to select attendees. A personalised dashboard gives total control to easily manage guest’s requests, communication and confirm attendance. Easily review all key guest information such as feedback and verification levels in the dashboard before accepting requests.



Intelligent algorithm

Our unique intelligent algorithm will recommend events specifically
tailored to individual users



Users can host any type of event
they wish,as long as there are other
people who are interested, otherwise you will be partying on your own.


Location based

Making use of geolocation, we will be able recommend events in the local area, based on the distance a user selects



Hosts will have the ability to select multiple categories when they list the event and Users will have the option to also browse by category to explore events they may like.